Liberty Raceway Park


Liberty Raceway Park is a clay go kart racing track located in Staley, North Carolina.

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  1. came out last saturday night im very disappointed on how you treat your fans we come to see race got there at 5:45 pm started raining shortly after we waited and waited and waited at 8:30 pm they call the race so went to gwt rain check they dont give them ask for my money back wouldnt give back so we drove down there paid money to get in sit for 2 hrs 45 mins didnt get to see anything no practice no heats nothing and couldnt get rain check or refund this is not how to get fans to come back im very disappointed not because of the money but because the attitude and no respect for fans if you would like to respond please do will be interested in a response this will determine my discission on rather ill bring my baby to race or not first visit not well guys ty for your time lynn heffner

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